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Green life Conservation Group carries out many development actions in our target communities. You can be involved in our activities in the following ways:

  • Make a donation: Donations may be made in direct cash in local currency and foreign currencies. For those in Cameroon, they can make in kind donations directly to the organizations headquarter in Bueahome-6

    Our gift policy is very friendly and we can assure you that whatever you donate to us will reach our target beneficiaries. We accept the following gifts:

  • Small farm equipment for rural women in Akwaya Sub Division
  • Clothing and school uniforms to primary school pupils  in Akwaya
  • School materials for primary schools  in Akwaya like pencils, pens, notes books, colours
  • School text books  for primary schools  library project in Akwayadsc03916 dsc03921 dsc03987